IDs become a requirement for students, staff

Ever since safety in schools in America has been compromised over the past decades, schools have been trying to find a way to keep students and staff safe from any potential threats.

At Grayslake North, students and staff are required to wear IDs to help identify who is in the building as well as to create a calmer atmosphere. If a student is without an ID, immediate questions will be asked by teachers and security to find out who it is. If they do not show an ID, they are sent to the dean’s office and asked for an ID number.

The policy was implemented for students and teachers. The intention for the policy is to help identify who is in the building and quickly reveal outside intruders. Associate principal Megan Licht and dean Kevin Doyle both heavily support the policy and feel that it is a step forward for ensuring safety.

“I would say it’s like a barricade for safety, but it does allow us to know that the person walking in the building belongs here and is supposed to be here. Anyone that can walk in and doesn’t have an ID will be stopped by security,” Licht said.

Ever since school safety across the nation has become a concern, staff and students have been feeling uneasy within the school. The staff is hoping that these new policies will help students feel more at ease in their learning environment.

“I think not only students but students and staff wearing IDs makes everybody feel a little bit safer because it helps us better identify who’s in the building. And, obviously, those who don’t have IDs suggest that they may not be someone who is welcome in the building,” Doyle said.

The staff within the school continue to advocate for the new policy and are very supportive of the idea behind it, as well as the meaning of the new policy.

“I am a big proponent of student IDs and knowing who is and who belongs in our building,” Licht said.