Ben Vizconde-Many Faces of North

Volunteering helps to give a sense of demeanor and gives opportunities that not everyone will get in their life. Helping out in the community and knowing that good is being put out in the world through this work can show that people are given things they need.
Senior Ben Vizconde has been volunteering within the community and throughout the school for many years.
“I am in NHS, so I have done a lot of volunteering. I have mainly volunteered for school events and my church,” Vizconde said
“As of right now, I help in a variety of events for National, Honor Society, and this year, I am also volunteering as a coach for youth basketball which is held at a nearby church.”
Working within the community has always been something that interests Vizconde due to the ways he was taught from his parents.
“I’ve always enjoyed giving back to the community. I have always been taught to give back and volunteer,” Vizconde said. “Since my family volunteers a lot, I also participate and help out when I can. Being a part of NHS, I also have to get volunteer hours which will help me in the future with things such as a college.”
The importance of volunteering in a community have been shown to Vizconde due to his prior years of working within the school and community itself.
“I believe volunteering is something that’s important due to the fact that not everyone gets everything they need. Giving back to the community also helps me to feel like I can actually do something to help with that,” Vizconde said. “It teaches you to be grateful for what you have and to not take the things you have for granted.”
With many different types of volunteer work that Vizconde has done, he has learned many important values of what it means to give back the community and has hopes of continuing to do this work.
“I don’t plan to stop doing any volunteer work because I think it’s something that everyone should do at some point in their life because it’s actually very enjoyable,” he said.
“If I were to give any advice to someone about it, I would just say that they should definitely give volunteering a try, no matter what type of volunteering it is. They may end up enjoying it like I did.”