Students explain being transgender

Society nowadays is more accepting than ever before, but that does not mean that it is perfect. In fact, hundreds of people in just the United States of America do not know much about the ones that are finally able to accept who they are. There is a lot of information that people get wrong about transgender people.

“There is a misconception that trans men can’t be feminine and that trans women can’t be masculine. There’s a certain pressure to look and act a certain way. It’s really dangerous for people,” said sophomore Eli Keane.

Transgender is the umbrella term for people that identify as a different gender from the one that they were given at birth.

“I get a lot of weird questions about things that seem obvious,” Keane said. “There are also a lot of questions about my genitals.”

Grayslake North High School is aware about these students and follow the laws to help them. However, no amount of policy changes can alter some assumptions that many others have and a history of intolerance.

“People think that being transgender is a new fad,” said a freshman at North*. “Even though transgender people have existed since the beginning of time, and will continue to exist for the rest of time because we’re just as human as anyone else. Our records have been erased because we’ve been hunted. We’re not a phase.”

While awareness is important, some say that they need more action.

“I feel like, instead of awareness, there needs to be more activism involved in the situation instead,” said junior Cypress Folk. “We talk about no tolerance, but I feel like there’s nothing done about it. There’s not accommodations made for these people outside of the school.”


*This student opted to remain anonymous.