Math Team works to accomplish goals

The Math Team has been a club in the district for over ten years. The club is open to students of all grade levels and anyone who enjoys math and wants to improve and practice their skills.

Math Team co-sponsor, Alex DeGroh, has been coaching for the past ten years and loves being a part of the club.

“The Math Team allows me to connect with students who enjoy math that I don’t always have in my class,” said co-sponsor Alex DeGroh.

The team has had multiple players go to State the last few years through their competitions together.

“We almost always send some students to State. It depends on the year as to how many we have sent,” DeGroh said. “One year we won Regionals and then we got to send the entire team down state.”

DeGroh has made a multitude of memories through his experience of being one of the team’s sponsors.

“We won the Richard Rhodes award for most improved school. It was the year we won Regionals,” DeGroh said. “We went from basically not placing to placing in the top tier in state.”

Junior Allyson Evangelista recently joined the Math Team. She believes that math is one of her strongest subjects, and she wants to get better at it as much as she can. She feels that the Math Team is a way to do so.

“I do plan on joining again next year, not only because I like it, but because a large amount of our team will be graduating this year. I don’t want to leave the team when there are so little people as is, and the environment the team provides is very calming and fun,” Evangelista said.

Math Team co-sponsor Matthew Zaluckyj has been coaching the Math Team for two years, and he has enjoyed every single moment he has been with the team.

“I enjoy coaching the team. Along with watching students try and solve problems that they wouldn’t see in their everyday class, we get to introduce them to many new mathematical concepts as well,” said co-sponsor Matthew Zaluckyj.