Students participate in annual History Fair


The annual History Fair was held on Jan 24. Students waited to be informed if their project had moved on the Regionals.
”Winners from the local fair will participate in the Metro Regional competition at Niles North High School in Febuary, and winners from that fair will advance to the Sectionals in Chicago in April and possibly the State Competition in Springfield in May,” said History teacher Tim Sermak.
The History Fair is way for students to expand their studies while researching a topic that interests them.
“[History Fair] is a great way to showcase research and skills while learning content,” said history teacher Molly Noel.
As well as helping a student expand their studies, the History Fair provides a way for students to research and learn about topics of their choice.
“The annual History Fair provides a forum for students to learn about topics that are interesting to them while providing students with a research process that is very similar to the type of original research work that would be expected of students in college and, to some extent, the real world,” Sermak said. “Additionally, it provides an authentic experience for students, so students are not simply showing what they learned through memorization of facts.”
History Fair can be overwhelming for some students. “Take it one step at a time [and] don’t be overwhelmed by all the work you have to do. Find a topic that you are really interested in,” said senior Kyle Hendrix.
This project can also help to expand a wide variety of research application to help a student when it comes to real world situations.
“[This is] a real world application as long as it is meshed in well with content. Again, the research is something you are going to need, whether it be research for a job or to find the right car or house loan,” Noel said.