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Students contend with mental health

Towards the door, the body lurches forward, the sensation of spines and horror piercing inwards like an inverted urchin, undesiring to move or eat or work with the vigor of before. Practice is horrid to push through, but it feels like too much to stop.

Situations like this can occur when teens lose touch with themselves and end up trapped in unhealthy patterns of behavior, only exacerbated by common commitments to extracurriculars. It is an important issue for people regardless of age or activity to cultivate mental wellness, to free themselves from the spikes of self-abandonment.

Ignorance of mental health threatens physical wellness. According to, chronic stress is linked to a malfunctioning immune system and maladies like atherosclerosis. According to, sound mental health lends itself to to greater productivity. Taking care of one’s mental health builds self-esteem, and secureness in oneself is a great trait for building relationships in society.

Tending to one’s mental health can be hard, but the benefits of action and the risks of neglect cannot be ignored. A great first step is to start checking in with oneself; calendar reminders, mental wellness apps, and physical journals are all suitable outlets.

The environment in which high-schoolers grow up in is not unlike an ocean trench of uncertainty. The suffocation of peer pressure and the murky depths of determining what one stands for and what one stands against stand against the development of healthy awareness of the needs of the self, something incredibly integral to the promotion of a teenager’s mental health. It is not only important for teenagers to formulate tactics for themselves, but to know who can provide assistance. Authority figures like teachers, therapists or counselors, guardian figures or even trusted peers can be sought out for guidance or simply as receptive outlets for overwhelming struggles.

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