Rho Kappa members help with service throughout the school

Michael Barerra
Staff Reporter

The social studies honors society also known as Rho Kappa is a club that plans service and awareness events in the school.

History teacher Roxanne Bristow is the sponsor of the club. They normally meet at 7:40 a.m. once a month on a Thursday in the Hub to sit and discuss the excellence of the social studies field.

“Rho Kappa is the National Social Studies Honor Society, so it is officially a nationally recognized honor society. But it focuses on recognizing service and excellence within the social studies field,” Bristow said.

The group is fun for those who have a passion for history, but there are requirements in order to join the club.

“What we’re required to do for applications is a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in social studies, and then otherwise they’re looking for characteristics of service and leadership as well. So we are really looking for people who are invested in the school and the community and celebrating social studies,” Bristow said

It’s a fun club to consider joining for fun and to be more involved in the school.

“If you’re always looking to get more involved, it’s not the biggest time commitment, but it’s a good way to get back to the community. Become involved like bringing your own ideas and your own interest in the society,” said co-president Varun Gullapalli. “Probably my most favorite event that we do is a Women’s History Month panel where last year we had authors, professors from Chicago, environmental activists, and even the Supreme Court judge for the Illinois Supreme Court speak. And a lot of people got internships. A lot of people got inspired, and that’s probably my favorite event. Look for it in March,” Gullapalli said.