Golf season comes to successful end


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Creighton Campbell won Illinois Conference this year.

The golf team had a good season this year with a 4-1 record.

When head coach Tim Hough was asked how he felt about the season ending, he stated that it’s unfortunate how the season has ended, but he says that the team had a great ending this year for their season. 

“It’s always sad when the season ends, but this year we had a great ending to the season. The team finished second, so we got to go to sectionals, which is the 2nd time in Grayslake North High School history that that’s happened because it’s a very competitive sport, so we are really proud of that,” Hough said.

Hough says, his most memorable moment during the season was winning Regionals this year and qualifying for Sectionals.

“As a coach, my most memorable moments are when you have those big team victories, such as winning Regionals and going to Sectionals,” Hough said.

Creighton Campbell is one of Grayslake North’s strongest players. Creighton says that he enjoys the mental aspect of the sport, saying how it’s one of the only sports where your mental game is just as important as your physical game.

“I enjoy the mental aspect of the sport. It’s one of the only sports where your mental game is just as important as what you can physically do, so I just try to maintain a positive attitude whenever I can,” Campbell said.

When asked how he feels about the season ending, he says that it wasn’t his greatest season ever. He said that he ended up missing State that he made last year. He claims that a major contributor to his poor season was his average not being great.

“It’s not my greatest season ever. It’s more on the bitter end. I ended up missing State that I made last year mostly because of my average. It wasn’t particularly great. I could have played a lot better. But sometimes in golf, it’s just despite your best efforts you just don’t have it,” Campbell said.

Despite not making Stat, he said that his most memorable moment was winning Conference this year. 

“I won the conference this year, which was super cool. I ended up shooting a 74 to win by one shot and winning Conference, so that was cool,” Campbell said.