Why applying to school as a dance major was difficult for me

When thinking about going to college in the fall, I also have to think about all the things I’m leaving behind. Leaving not only my family, but also my friends from dance and school. Leaving my best friend is going to be the hardest part for me because she’s two years younger than me. I grew up with these people from dance so when I leave for college, it’ll be like a little part of me will be broken off. It gives me the opportunity to grow and meet new people obviously, but leaving the things I’ve grown up with and the people I’ve grown up with will by far be the hardest part for me once I do leave in August.

As a dance major and religion minor, but I’m focusing mainly on my major, I have to find colleges that not only suit my academic needs but also what fits my needs with dancing. I have visited three colleges that I was interested in, The University of Iowa, Western Michigan University, and Oklahoma City University, and let me say, I’m glad I got it narrowed down to two colleges. Looking for colleges for dance is very specific for me. I’m a contemporary, lyrical, ballet, modern dancer, and certain colleges focus more on the styles of jazz and tap. Applying for colleges has been the hardest struggle for me personally. Not only do I have to apply to the school academically, but I also have to apply to audition for being a dance major. When I finally finished all my applications for the school, I had to then apply to be a dance major, and now I get to go to the colleges for auditions. With Iowa being my number one school, I am going to audition there first, and if I get into that dance program then I am 100% going to the school in the fall. As for my minor, I decided I want to minor in religion because it’s something I had been interested in and something I’ve been invested in my entire life. When I started high school, I got more involved in my church, and from there my interest sparked. Along with finding colleges that fit me with my major, I wanted to make sure they also had good religion programs at their campuses so that I can also do well in that aspect.

Over the summer I visited The University of Iowa and Western Michigan University. The University of Iowa is by far my number one choice for college because of not only the school academically, but it’s dance major is exactly the type of dancing style I prefer for myself. Along with Iowa, Western Michigan was also a good fit for me personally. There are specific class you have to take and then you can focus on other styles along with mandatory styles, which I believe is what I would feel most comfortable doing. On October 24th and 25th, I went to Oklahoma City University for the opportunity to watch dance classes and talk to people who are majoring in dance there. Although it was a great opportunity to see what classes are like, the dance program was not my type of style. The program is in the top 10, it doesn’t focus on the styles that I want to focus in passed high school.