How my family taught me the importance of education

As I start to apply to colleges, I began reflecting on how lucky I am to be given the chance to continue my education. I will be the first one in my immediate family to go to college, and I proceed with my parents who were the first to get their master’s degrees.
My family highly values education because it was not so simple for my grandparents to get their education. On my mom’s side, my grandma did not continue elementary and middle school when she moved to the U.S. Neither of my grandparents on my dad’s side finished high school either. At the time, supporting and raising their families was their priority.
It makes me reconsider how much I may take for granted my education because I know that there’s been a reality where someone couldn’t. Though high school does get overwhelming, my parents emphasize how school will help me be successful, and I shouldn’t take it for granted.
It also makes me wonder about the people who are not able to continue education, sometimes the circumstances are beyond them. They sacrifice education to perhaps take care of their families or themsleves. We take advantage of what we consider a norm, when in reality many are unable to continue going.
I try to remember this when I’m at my most angry or frustrated because that’s when I get unmotivated to continue, and I forget what has been sacrificed for me to even be here.
I am proud of my accomplishments so far, and I know that all my hard work isn’t just for me, but it serves as an example for my brothers and cousins, and as a way for my grandparents to be proud of me for taking advantage of my opportunities that they never had.
I’m grateful for my grandma who was able to get her GED and get a job at a hospital, and for my other grandparents for being super supportive. I hope that I get to make my parents proud of what I accomplish when I leave for college.
I hope that everyone can take a moment to consider what privileges they’ve been given and may not realize how much of a blessing it may be. We should consider being grateful for everything we are given.