Studying is more difficult than one thinks


With finals approaching, I have come to one conclusion. I never learned to study, and in fact, it was as though I never had to. Until high school, everything came easily, but in high school, the curriculum was harder. The hard part is that some teachers assume kids learned how to study in elementary school, so those who never had to study were left behind. Throughout my struggle in schooling, I have gained some beneficial tactics to improve my studying habits.

To start with, teachers always talk about flashcards. Write the terms down on the blank side and the info down on the lined side. Students should find a friend or someone who also needs to study and ask the person to quiz them. Flashcards can either be on index cards or on Quizlet.

Secondly, students should read through their notes. If the student learns visually, it can help. They could have someone quiz them on the stuff in the notes so that they can enjoy time with their friends and learn at the same time.

I like to make it a game. Kahoot works wonders. So does Quizlet Live. Kahoot is free, and students can have fun with friends as people scream out in frustration over clicking the wrong answer, the slow internet, or because the mouse slipped and they hit the wrong answer.

In addition, students can ask the teachers if there are any extra worksheets on the subject. This can help students learn the material and score them extra credit points to raise their grades.

Lastly, try setting up a reward system. This can apply to all of the above. After a certain number of right answers, get a treat or some other reward to remember what the answer was. It also will help students actually want to study because they get something out of it other than a good grade.

Studying is essential because of harder classes and AP courses. It took me a long time to figure that out, and even longer to figure out how to study, but I am glad I did. It could just be five minutes a night or two minutes during passing period after students get to their classes. Try to set goals for studying, but don’t go for thirty minutes or fifty terms. Try going for two minutes and three terms. That way people don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of things to do.