What the migrant caravan shows about the United States


The events that took place at the Mexican- American border on November 25 have not left my mind, due to the fact migrants were force to fled from the use of tear gas. Part of me does not want to write this because I am in still in shock. I keep having to look at the countless news stories trying to piece together a reason as to justify our actions. Yet, here I am, heartbroken over the photos released.

I’ve watched news segments repeatedly as the reports release the same information. I’ve cried over the photos of men and women holding their children as soldiers yell and shout. I’ve seen the photos of migrants fleeing before the gas gets to their eyes.

What does this say about the United States? We were founded by immigrants back when the pilgrims came to colonize. The United States has served as a safe haven of freedom and justice to those who cannot get it in their home country; however, so much has changed within the past couple of years.

At one point, President Trump had campaigned for many anti- immigration laws.  He considered having a Muslim ban in our country. He rallied to have a wall built between the borders, to keep immigrants out. Earlier this year, the government detained children in camps at the border, after separating them from their parents.

The news tries to antagonize immigrants by defining them solely as drug dealers, rapists, and criminals. Yet they forget the families, the single mothers, the hundreds of children who also try to come.

It’s all of this and more that haunts me as I go on with my day. If these are current actions now, what can be said for the future? Do we have to continue to see humans suffer for wanting the right that many of us take advantage of? The US should not turn our heads away to the pain and suffering, but instead take it as a sign that this is not who we are. We are a nation that brings justice and liberty, so let’s act like it and change our actions.