The controversy and effects of veganism

Over the course of the summer and the new school year, a lot has happened in the world and to me personally. Views have changed and there has been a lot of controversy rising throughout different events. The world is changing and people definitely change with it, whether or not it’s for the good of their community or for themselves.
For example, saving the turtles has been a huge topic from the summer into the school year. Using metal straws in my opinion is an absolutely great idea because plastic is so extremely bad for the environment, especially since you shouldn’t recycle them and people do anyway. Although I have no clue what plastic straws do to animals, I for sure know what they do to the environment, and I just believe keeping metal straws would be a great idea. The metal straws have such a huge controversy because they’re more expensive to make so that leads them to be more expensive to buy, and there are some people that use the metal straws as an opportunity for attention on social media. Lately, I have noticed that instead of truly having the desire to prevent the pollution of our enviroment and our Earth, many people have been using metal straws as a way to make themselves look trendy. Metal straws and many other solutions like it should be taken seriously and not just used to promote social following.
Following the metal straw epidemic, over the course of the summer, I had some personal changes to myself that I believe were for the better. I had always been a vegetarian, but near the end of the summer, I had found out that I am also lactose intolerant, so I had also cut out dairy from my diet.
Many people say being basically vegan is such a bad lifestyle because you don’t get the nutrients you need, but you can always find ways to get the foods for your diet and for myself so far, I believe it has been a great change in my life because it has made me such a happier person all around. Since I’m a happier person, I would have to say that it’s the lifestyle for me.
Overall, the controversy within the world today is very different, and many people have different reasons to go along with the enormous amount of views. Metal straws and being vegan are two very big controversies in my life personally and have shaped me into who I am.