Ashley’s Travel Diaries

Although it may seem like adventure can only be found far away from home, through all my travels, I have always maintained that my favorite of all cities is Chicago. Never in my life have I encountered a place so full of culture, hidden gems or people so passionate about the place they call home. Ever since my cousin purchased her apartment in Lakeview, I have tried to make it a point to travel downtown as often as I can. Chicago is only an hour and a half train ride away, a proximity I have made sure to take advantage of through the years.
Time and time again, I have fallen in love with all there is to see and do in Chicago. One of my favorite things to do is to go visit the museums during one of the plentiful museum ‘free’ days. My favorite is the Art Institute of Chicago, which offers free admissions for those with Illinois IDs or drivers licenses after 5pm on Thursdays. During the summer, Tuesdays are for watching movies under the stars in Millennium Park. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and the best breakfast I have ever had is at Batter and Berries. They offer a French toast flight, where they offer half slices of each other their amazing French toasts. My personal favorite flavor is white grape champagne! Afterwards, I like to shop at the Urban Outfitters Surplus store on Clark Street, the best place to find trendy clothes at the best prices. Since Lakeview offers such close proximity to Wrigleyville, I always make a stop at the stadium to see the legendary red iron sign. Sometimes during the summer, I’ll buy myself a ticket to see a pre-season game. My favorite place is The Pasta Bowl, where I get the same thing I have been getting for the last three years: the farfalle pollo, their famous house dish. Afterwards, I normally retreat to my cousin’s apartment where I sit on the terrace and take in the views while reading a book or just scrolling through my phone. Being in such an amazing city excites and rejuvenates me like no other.