Ashley’s Travel Diaries


My trip to Thailand in 2015 was one of the trips I imagined telling my future children about one day. Thailand is the perfect mix of city and beach, relaxation and adventure. I traveled there and back with my mother’s family, her two sisters, their husbands and children and my grandparents.
We landed in Krabi, Thailand, a city known for its scenic views and proximity to islands. We visited the most popular island, Phi Phi Island, on day one. Although we ended up caught in a sand storm, dancing in the rain on a deserted island was an experience I will never forget. Our boat driver took us out to a beautiful coral reef teeming with marine life where we snorkeled next to emerald green cliffs, watching millions of tiny fish swim beneath us.
I have long been a fan of Thai cuisine, so being in the country provided a perfect way for me to immerse myself in all the fried rice and green curry I could eat. I became a huge fan of something I had never even heard of before: green curry instant ramen. I had it for the first time in the airport in between Krabi and Bangkok. Its mild spiciness but authentic taste was a keeper. We brought back 30 packages of it to eat at home, and I still order it off Amazon whenever the stash needs replenishing.
Later on in the trip, we traveled to Bangkok, the biggest city in Thailand. Our gorgeous hotel provided spectacular 360 degree views of one of the largest cities in the world. At night, we visited the famous Bangkok night market, held exclusively on the streets of Bangkok only after 11:00 p.m. We had authentic sticky rice and mango, and I purchased adorable gifts and souvenirs for all my friends after haggling with vendors.
Our final day in Thailand, we visited the famed Tiger Temple, where monks cared for almost fifteen tigers. We got the opportunity to pet them and walk them, part of a daily ritual held by the monks, getting so close to them I could put my cheek against theirs. The tigers looked happy and friendly and were patient even with my young cousins.
On the same day, we took a trip to an elephant orphanage. There we took elephant rides into the river as they waded into water and splashed us. Afterwards, we watched the baby elephants learn how to paint as well as improve their fine motor skills through silly tricks such as learning how to put hats on people or throw softballs. As an animal lover, seeing how lovingly these elephants were treated by their caretakers made me smile. They seemed happy and content, and it showed in their excitement to see people and play with us. While riding on the elephant, my young cousin lost her flip flop. To our surprise, the elephant, Clove, picked up the shoe and even slid it back on to my cousin’s foot.
The scenic views and friendly people contributed to the perfect trip. If you love warm weather and adventure, Thailand could be the perfect vacation spot for you!