Connor Sinclair-Senior Goodbye

Throughout my years at North, I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve played on varsity sports, won Mr. GNHS, started my own t-shirt business, started an astronomy club, and much more. I have definitely left a mark in the school’s so to say “record books,” but I don’t just want to be another statistic in North’s history. I want to be remembered.
First, varsity basketball. I want to say goodbye to a sport that I’ve loved dearly until the very end. It pushed me physically, mentally, and everything in between. I’ll always miss basketball because of the friendships I’ve made and the memories I’ve created playing this game since I was three. I hope I’m an example for younger kids. I want to show kids or even just the underclassmen that you don’t have to be a high flying, super muscular scorer to be important and start on the team. I was able to get rebounds, some great assists, and a starting position. I hope I was able to leave my mark and show others that they can become a varsity player, and even starter, if you work hard enough at it.
Second, I want to say goodbye to journalism and the newspaper staff. They’ve taught me so much and encouraged me to pursue my journalistic dreams and vision. I’ve learned a lot from writing skills, to cartooning, to public speaking skills through interviews. This year, I think I’ve showed the underclassmen that you can have a good time but still put out great product. I hope that tradition continues on.
Finally I want to say goodbye to this school as a whole. What school would give me the chance to lead a student fan section full of more than 500 people? What school would have given me the chance to interview an actor one on one in front of a live audience? What school would have given me the chance to run a successful, and growing, clothing business? I can’t think of any other school that would have given me these opportunities other than Grayslake North. I thank the faculty and students of North for their open arms and bringing out the best in me.
The past four years have been a roller coaster, and I never thought I’d be who I am and where I am today. I’m blessed to have met some of my role models and best friends at this school and to have been part of so much. These last four years have been the best time of my life. I hope that the things I’ve done at North live on for generations to come.