Connor’s Corner

Recently, many of North’s student athletes have committed to colleges for their athletic talents within sports ranging from all seasons. While this process may be simple for some, it is difficult for others in the aspect that they must decide what college experience they are chasing.
I’ve played sports my entire life, and while I could get a scholarship to the College of Lake County, I’ve decided that senior year sports are my last hoorah, and I’d focus on academics and my future throughout college. This decision wasn’t easy. I’ve played basketball since I could bounce a ball, and now, my senior basketball season has come to an end, and I get hit with the realization that I’ll never play basketball like this again. Everything that I’ve dreamed of doing has finally come true: starting on varsity, beating Lakes, playing on national television, and more. But now, it’s over. I’m satisfied, though. I’ve accomplished so much, and to see myself go out on the best season in my, and the school’s, history is a good feeling. I’m content not playing sports in college, and I hope others that have chosen the same feel the same. It’s a difficult decision to make, quitting something that played such a large role in your life, but eventually, there comes a time to stop.
Unlike myself, who had a chance to play, many don’t. Many have no decision to make; they just don’t have the necessary talent to continue their athletic career. Not playing college sports can be rewarding. No more sports means a lot more time. This additional time can be used for work, studying, finding yourself, or just hanging out. Having free time will give you the ability to explore who you really are.
Some students, however, will continue their career throughout college, which isn’t such a bad idea either. Joining a sports team in college immediately gives you a group of friends to hang out, study, and go out with. Playing sports in college will also allow you to maintain your health and skip the “Freshman 15” by staying in shape. Most importantly, it will allow you to continue pursuing your passion.
Playing or not playing a sport in college can be a difficult decision, but whether you choose to or not to continue your athletic career, each has their own benefits.