Connor’s Corner

Superfanning is an experience full of memories and nightmares; it’s one interesting ride to say the least. Superfans show up at every game to support the team. Whether there’s sun, sleet, or the game’s an hour away, the superfans will be there. Now, Grayslake North’s superfans have become rather famous over the past few seasons due to their wacky personality and crazy behavior. Because of them, Grayslake North has been named the “black hole.” They are a blessing for both fans and players.
For fans, Knight Knation has created a brother/sisterhood culture. Everyone is accepted, and everyone is welcomed. It’s more than just a fan section. It’s an event that one can look forward to and get them through a dragging week of school. It’s a place where one can be worry free and focused on having a good time. This year, Knight Knation has been much more focused on incorporating everyone into the superfanning experience. The leaders have gone to freshman transitions to personally invite underclassmen to join in. They’ve made announcements over the intercom and have been determined to dress and act the craziest to make sure nobody feels out of place. It’s spectacular to see a group of kids from all different genders, ages, and backgrounds all band together, in absurd outfits, to cheer on their school.
The atmosphere Knight Knation creates throughout a game is something that is appreciated by all athletes. Without superfans, there would be no excitement to play. When your team comes marching out of the tunnel, welcomed by a sea of students cheering your name and your team, there’s a reason to play. Having such an outstanding fan section motivates the team to win, because who would want to let down a group of people who support you in rain or shine, or winning or losing.
Knight Knation has created an atmosphere so unmatched that the basketball team hasn’t lost a home game in two years, and the football team went undefeated at home. Our school has been nicknamed the “black hole,” because anyone who comes in doesn’t come out without a loss. As a superfan, I’m blessed to have been part of Knight Knation. As a player, I’m blessed to have a fan section like Knight Knation. They’re the reason my heart still races every time I take a step on the court.