Hannah Rosemurgy wishes senior staff members goodluck

It has been a privilege working with all of the seniors on staff this past year. I’ve looked up to many of these writers since I was a freshman, and I always will. It truly is an incredible opportunity to work with such talented individuals, and I wish all of you nothing but the very best.

Jake- You always find a way to make me laugh while I’m trying to concentrate on whatever it is I am doing, but I must say that I am impressed to see your growing interest in writing stories (even if it is only for extra credit). Your enthusiasm will take you far.

Justice– I’ve known you since my freshman year, and even then, I knew that you had a talent for writing. I remember being partners with you on the KEMPA field trip two years ago, and it’s amazing to think how we’ve both grown as writers since then. Whether it’s in music or writing, I know you are off to bigger and better things, and I wish you the best of luck.

Cindy- In addition to being in your zero hour gym class, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you this past year! Your college pep talks never failed to motivate me in the wee hours of the morning, and your skills in design put my feature pages to shame. I know you’ll end up being successful in whatever you do!

Lauren- I’m so glad I met you two years ago. You’re an amazing writer, on top of having the best wardrobe and a wonderful personality. You’re a phenomenal spokesperson, and I have no doubt that you will be successful in whatever you do. Though I will miss you, I can’t wait to see you pursue journalism as a career and see you on the news!

Becca- I’m getting a tad emotional writing this, and perhaps “tad” is the incorrect adjective. That’s the thing; now, you won’t be here with me, whether it’s dealing with grammatical issues or just plain girl issues. When you became executive editor two years ago, I was blown away by your eagerness to help others and their writing. You have become my “go-to” mentor for writing, regardless if it be for articles or awkward emails to teachers. I cannot thank you enough for all of the times you have helped me this year; I’m going to miss having you next to me on the Editorial Board. Your determination to conquer anything inspired me to become a better editor, and I can only hope to acquire half of your leadership skills for next year.