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With the recent injuries plaguing the Chicago Bulls team and Derrick Rose, it’s no surprise to see him, once again, injure his leg and very well hurt another possible championship year for the team.
The day following a prior game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Derrick Rose reported soreness in his leg, and according to Sports Illustrated, the MRI revealed he had torn his meniscus once again. Fans of all teams and cities feel bad for the star. He’s visually a hard worker, an exciting player to watch, and his passion for the game is unbreakable. All he wants to do is win a championship for his home, but time and time again his injuries prevent him from achieving his goal. Luckily, for Bulls and basketball fans alike, he has chosen to simply remove his meniscus instead of only allowing it to heal. This will shorten his injured time dramatically, potentially having him back and ready to play in the playoffs.
This will be the third time he has injured his leg (one
ACL and two meniscus), and some believe it’s the third time he has ruined the team’s season. But others see hope. While the Bulls have only gone 3-5 since Rose’s injury, they have beaten the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Washington Wizards, both top ten teams, and are currently sitting at third place within the entire NBA (according to The team is undeniably performing well, and many players have risen to the occasion in order to replace the leadership and stardom Derrick Rose brings to the court. The Bulls are showing the world that having stars doesn’t always matter; it’s about the work-ethic of the players and coaching of the coach. In other words, “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” While a Bulls team with an injured Rose is unlikely, but still possible, to win a title, it could create a stronger and better team. This injury could actually benefit the team in the long run, allowing usual bench players or ones with limited time to develop their skills, so when the team needs them, whether it be another injury or fatigue of a starter, they are prepared for action. The development of a strong second string team and the return of both Derrick Rose and also injured Jimmy Butler could make this team even more hard to beat.
Can the Bulls win a Championship with a meniscus-free Rose? My answer is yes. Watching the Bulls without both of their star players on the court and still pushing themselves to the very end and beating some difficult teams (some they may see in the playoffs) shows me the potential a fully healthy team has. With the development of the team’s bench and comeback/determination of both Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls will be the team to beat in the NBA.