Column: Illustrious Imani


Andrew Tate, a famous influcencer known for his blunt words and harsh opinions, was released from jail and put on house arrest along with other suspects involved with the charges.

Andrew Tate, the infamous anti-feminist and repetitively disrespectful influencer, was arrested December 29th, 2022. Tate was released from detention in Romania with his conspiring allies, his brother Tristian, along with two other women.

He has been placed under house arrest until April 29. Around that time, the prosecution is expected to request for an extension of their infestation by at least another 30 days.

A spokesman for the Tates stated that no indictment had been brought against the two of them. Both Tate brothers had been investigated on speculation of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized criminal group. The Tate brothers have also denied any allegations of being involved in any of the crimes they have been charged for.

Under law in Romania, the trial must start by June, six months after the brothers first were suspected of these crimes. “Teams like mine cannot lose,” Tate tweeted.
Tate continuously boasts of his lack of fear or concern for this current situation claiming he is innocent while posting interesting tweets about his “truth” and jail time like, “If I tell the truth they’ll put me in jail.”

At this point, Tate and anything he has to say about this situation is laughable. Most of us were already aware he was guilty before he was investigated. The rest of the world and the police were just late to find out what we already knew. Most likely Tate is not only guilty for these crimes but others the world has yet to know of.

Any words against Tate at this point may seem bitter to his followers, but when the day of his trial comes, Tate will receive some sort of justice. If not at that time, then sometime in the near future.