Column: Chisme con Carolina


While high school might not have been the easiest four years, it has been my most memorable yet. I owe so much of who I am today to these past four years.

I’d like to think I used my time here wisely. From joining sports such as dance and soccer to clubs and activities like Latinos Stand Up, Future Medical Professionals and Rho Kappa, I loved every minute of who I met and what I did.

I learned life lessons and found who I am within these walls.

From teachers like Ms. Fox who taught me I will always be enough and showed me that I am my own person and there is never a comparison. Coach Kopecky taught me confidence and showed me that it’s ok to put myself first. She was always the one cheering me on either on the soccer field or off. Mrs. Smith taught me the power of passion and importance of self expression. I never thought that journalism would be for me or even thought about it, only to have it be one of my favorite things in life and make it as far as State. Mr. Sheehan knew so much about my life and let me just sit in his office and talk until I couldn’t. I honestly think I’m going to miss my talks with Banana Republic (the nickname I’ve given Sheehan) most.

Looking back to freshman year, I was so scared of what was to come. I sometimes wish I could go back in time and tell myself that it’s all going to be alright. That it might be hard, but I’m going to end it with some of the best people.

I honestly never thought I’d be sad to say goodbye to Grayslake North. I thought that would be weird and honestly a little embarrassing, but after having these four years of discovering new passions, I’m sad to leave it.