Column: Thinking about it


This spring will be my final season as a tennis player at Grayslake North. Tennis has been my sport for nearly seven years, and I have loved every second of it. Tennis players are known for smashing racquets and being volatile, but for me, I always kept my cool because I was playing the sport that I love.

My sister began playing for high school when I first joined a club team. I remember how terrible I was. I would hit the ball without power, into the net, outside the court, and struggle to run every which way. But every Sunday I went to pratice and worked hard until out balls turned in and weakness turned into power. I praticed more, worked out harder, and was invited to the highest class at my club-filled by State players and adults.

I qualified for State twice for doubles and created memories these past two seasons that are my fondest among my time in the sport. Though tennis is either individual or doubles, the feeling of succeeding as a team rivals no other. We were in sync when we beat Central. We were in sync when we won Sectionals. We were in sync when we qualified for State without a seed.

But now I have a new challenge: playing singles. I’ve always considered myself a singles player, but it is a whole new league. Matches are longer and more exhausting, but you only have yourself to rely on and play on. I am up against the strongest players in the conference, but the possibility of winning Conference is very real. I hope to achieve it and finish my career with a memory I will never forget. I will win Conference and qualify for State as a singles player and validate my hard work and the countless hours I’ve dedicated to this sport. I will succeed.