Column: Illustrious Imani


“Misogynist influencer Andrew Tate, who once said he moved from the UK to Romania because ‘rape laws are more lenient there,’ was arrested by Romanian officials on December 29 on charges of rape and human trafficking,” Rebecca Jennings wrote in her article, “The arrest of misogynist influencer Andrew Tate,” explained about a man we are all well informed about and one I have no trouble speaking out on.

With little to no surprise as headlines spread across the country about Andrew Tate’s most recent arrest in Romania, the influencer has stunned all with his silence after the event, especially with considering the extravagance of the arrest with his brother. The charges, human trafficking, rape, and organized crime, have all built into his case that is still currently being developed. Tate’s manager released information stating that both him and his brother are to remain in detention for another 30 days or until the 27th of February. While incarcerated, the misogynistic content creator tweeted to his fans, his haters, and anyone in between. “During my incarceration, I’ve been tracking everyone who stood up in support. Everyone who stood on the fence. And those too scared to stick up for me despite my innocence. God knows they’re cowards, and I know they’re cowards,” stated Tate at 4:12 a.m. on January 30th on his Twitter account.

Evidence against Andrew Tate and his brother is yet to be released as they were arrested under suspicion, but any evidence of the latter has not been released either. I believe we have the right to assume Tate has the capability to do as he is being accused of. Tate not only shows so by his crass comments and brazen words but by his selfish actions and obvious lack of atonement for his recent and past wrongdoings. Tate and his brother are merely being punished, and regardless of the evidence that has not been shown to the outside world, Tate has shown he not only doesn’t care what most of us think of him, but that he can then do as he pleases since he is rich and heavy with followers (despite his constant disrespect toward women). Supporting him even now is not only idiotic but also morally damaging.

Tate getting arrested was not only bound to happen but was something I believe was supposed to happen. Just because now Tate was caught doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing anything of the same manner beforehand. Tate, as I had said before, has no regard for any human being or their feelings/emotions. Until the police can find evidence that not only deems Tate innocent but is also indistinguishable and true, I will continue to stand by the people who feel as if his arrest was not only okay but also necessary. Andrew Tate needed to learn a hard lesson of morals and responsibility for one’s actions. This was just the way the universe decided to show him the wrong he has done and the pain he has spread.