Column: Thinking about it


My first drawing was the Thanksgiving hand turkey when I was five. Though my art has come a long way since then, I never think of myself as an artist because either I’m too impatient to stay at it or I simply just get tired of it. I signed up for “2-D Art and Creativity” to challenge myself as an artist (also to fulfill the fine arts requirement). For my favorite assignment the prompt read ”Draw something you see outside.” Though that Thanksgiving turkey assignment had directions, this prompt didn’t. I didn’t know where to start.

I grabbed a piece of cardboard, a red, yellow, and blue oil pastel, and I took the trek outside. I searched away from the rest of class until I found my subject – a wilting pink flower. I made thousands of pastel and scrapper strokes to form texture on the cardboard. Blots were made for contrast and hours were spent blending the pastels to create an array of colors like I’d seen at Holi.

The pink petals changed into blue, and I surrounded them with rainbow vines and purple buds with red leaves and redder stems. I stuck with it. I took the time and did more than the minimum. I excelled at art for the first time ever because I worked hard at it. This pastel drawing on a chunk of cardboard that sits in my room right now means more to me than any test I’ve taken. I think it’s pretty good. Even though I am really struggling at perspective in class right now, I created a piece of art that I am very proud of.

I know now to challenge myself and to strive to improve no matter what environment or setting I am in. Art taught me to challenge myself and learn to cope and overcome struggle. That’s why I love my art so much.