Column: Illustrious Imani

Andrew Tate must be stopped


Andrew Tate: commonly known as the literal face of misogyny. He blew up this year as his TikToks about men being of more importance than women and men owning women gained popularity from two types of people: those who agreed with him, and those who found his suggestions fanatical.

Andrew Tate’s popularity was of rapid growth, but it was not the first time he attempted to be in the media. He was previously on the show “Big Brother” after failed attempts to be a TV star.
His efforts were of no use as he was removed from the show after a video of him beating his ex-girlfriend surfaced and his image was tarnished. Andrew Tate, though mainly seen as a joke, has fooled all the people who see him as someone who is right of mind or even those who think it’s a joke.

Whether or not it’s all satire, Andrew Tate is saying derogatory and essentially degrading things about women. He has admitted to his wrongdoings as well.

As stated in an article from The Mirror, “Controversial ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate admits to having at least 10 children,“ the author Ben Davies writes that “controversial former kickboxer Andrew Tate has claimed he has fathered at least ten children and insists they all ‘adore’ him.” Davies further explains that Tate has become famous on social media because of his views. Tate believes his children and the women view him as a hero. In The Mirror article, Tate is quoted telling a Times reporter that, “I am not going to give numbers but I am certain I will have more children than 99.9 percent of the population of the western world.” He believes that people respect him and that he is doing nothing wrong.

Tate has no concern for these women he allegedly impregnated and the children he says he may have. His main objective is to preach to men who are not “manly enough” or “too weak.”
He was banned from social media, finally, after months of posting vulgar and extremely sexist posts.

According to The Sports, Andrew Tate was banned from social media after being convicted of breaking Meta Privacy rules.

Andrew Tate has been stopped for now as his social media is banned and he’s not as popular, but he’s not the only man in the world who can profit from angry feminists’ comments on TikTok or supporting men on Instagram. Andrew Tate may have been funny to liberals or women’s rights activists, but doing nothing but viewing or reposting his content only supported Tate.

Andrew Tate is just one example of how easily people can be disgustingly cruel and egotistical, and worse, profit from it. In order to stop the world from being infested by those who act like Tate, we need to stop influencing them by letting them degrade and disrespect people without any real consequences. Andrew Tate may not be all over social media as of now, but he’s still relishing in the fame that being despicable brought him. From that fame and money he continues to not take responsibility for his actions and words. Start with those around you who are normalizing mistreating their peers. Don’t create the next generation of Andrew Tates by staying quiet.