Column: Notable Natalie

NOTE: Stop acting like a movie critic


I cannot hate a movie. I can think a movie is boring or that the acting is horrible, but I cannot force myself to hate one. If you were to go through my Letterboxd, you would come across a complete list of movies rated 4 or 5 and nothing less.

You might think that I have terrible taste, but in reality, I think that 99 percent of the time people want to hate and rate a movie while they watch it instead of trying to find enjoyment in it.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than watching a movie. Whether it be in a movie theater, your house, or even on a 17-hour road trip to Florida when you’re stuck in the car with practically your whole family, nothing is better than watching a movie.

I will watch a movie even if I hate it or think it could possibly be the worst acting and directing that any generation has ever seen. I will choose to find the good in even the worst movies and TV shows because I know that I would never be able to make one.

This topic takes me back to the summer of 2017 when my sister, mom, and I went to the Round Lake Regal movie theater to watch “47 Meters Down.” Not only could this movie be one of the worst movies I had seen at the time, but I have a very big fear of sharks. Even though I had many problems with this movie, I still went to go see it, mostly because I didn’t have a choice. This movie was an hour and a half of pure suffering, for both the main characters and myself. Still, I managed to enjoy the movie. I chose to accept how bad the movie was to me and enjoy it for how it was.

People choose to watch movies they hate and then act surprised when they hate them. People need to realize that not every movie or show will be catered exactly to their taste. They need to realize that, yes, that movie is bad, but they also need to ask themselves, if they knew they would hate it so much, why would they choose to watch it?

You’re not that good of a movie critic if you hate every movie you watch. Not every movie you watch has to make you think critically. I actually rather do the opposite when watching movies and am forced to think of nothing.