Column: Catching Up With Cody


As a senior looking back on the past four years of high school, I realize that I wish I took more time to enjoy the moment. Unfortunately for the Class of 2022, two years of school were cut short to being online. A part of me wishes I joined more clubs and tried more things, but I realize that I can’t go back in time, unfortunately. We went through so much, but what legacy did we leave behind here at GNHS?

As a class, we left behind a message of resilience. Our class was tough as rocks after all that we went through, and surprisingly it has made all of us better individuals. We leave behind a legacy of proof to future classes that you can find success as long as you work for it. If you’re anything like me, some part of me is ready for the next chapter of my life, while some part of me feels like high school isn’t over yet. It’s a very confusing time. For some it will be our first and last prom, our last time sitting in the cafeteria, maybe our last time roaming the halls, talking to teachers. Eventually, there will be the last time, and as we say goodbye to the last four years, it’s easy to question what’s next for us.

I wish I could answer that even for myself. But the future holds something for each individual who reads this and not just our class. We have shown pride in our school by putting pride in our work. It’s safe to say that our resilience will continue to form us into successful people.

I think for me personally, it’s time to stop dwelling on what I didn’t do and focus on what I can do now. At the end of the day, it’s easier said than done. But if there is one message I can leave for the Class of 2022, it would be as we part ways and start the real journey of the rest of our lives, continue to strive for more, be hungry for change, continue to change lives, and of course, continue to be resilient. Congratulations to all you seniors. We worked hard for this moment. Don’t regret, or forget, just keep moving forward and one day you’ll all be something amazing.