Column: Slaying Standerski


Time flies, and I never thought my high school career would go by so fast. It has been an interesting and unique four years. I have spent so much time at North between sports, school, and clubs. I would like to thank all my coaches and especially Coach Fish, Coach Baker, Coach Geiger, and Coach Atwell. I would also like to thank every other coach that has helped me along my path from elementary school all the way to this senior year. I would like to give a very special thank you to Mrs. Smith for teaching me English these past three years. Thank you for all you did for me and still do for us, Mrs. Smith. I would also like to thank Coach Geiger as a teacher for allowing me to have fun and explore technical education. I will take a lot away from your class and the memories of freshman football and PLTW class will not be forgotten. I would like to thank Mrs. Noel for my first introduction to North and for giving me many skills in her Big History class that I took on in my four years, skills that everyone should learn at the start of high school, which I greatly appreciate. I would also like to thank all my math, science, history, and other teachers who helped me along my journey.

My favorite memory from North will always be my sophomore year. It was a fall night and we were playing town rival Central in football. We were down by at least two touchdowns going into the fourth quarter. I remember vividly going down the sideline and screaming to my teammates that this game was not over. We ended up scoring right after that and were only down by one score with about seven minutes left. I was on defense, and we got a stop and forced them to punt it back to us, and we ended up scoring. We went for the two-point conversion and got it. We were winning by one with about one minute left. I was on the d-line rushing the QB on their last play and forced him to throw it early, missing his receiver. I will never forget this game and this feeling of coming back. These past four years at North will have a lasting impact on my life, and I am grateful for all the help and opportunities I have been given.