Column: Experiencing Deja Vu


For a wrap of my high school career, I’d like to start off with my experience at North. I am in the Class of 2022, but my journey here at North only had a start. I transferred here my junior year from Round Lake in the midst of quarantine. After being in and out of the ICU for a collapsed lung, and transitioning into in-person learning, it was difficult to make genuine connections especially after spending a whole year on Zoom and the hospital bed. My North experience may have been quick, but it was a good time. The football games here are a different experience than anywhere else. This group of students is the most spirited I have seen. I also want to take the time to thank the school for providing unique classes where students can find their passions and for allowing students to be creative. In my case, I loved the journalism program here. My last school didn’t have a newspaper, or a class involving journalism. When I transferred here, I was pleased to find out I could take a daytime class to do what I love. Now going into college, my minor is going to be journalism with a major in early education. I love seeing the success around me at North; it is truly motivating. This school should have many things to take pride in. Like Drake said, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”