Column: Let’s talk about it


It feels crazy that I am sitting here writing this column, and it is almost hard to put into words what this experience has meant to me. Grayslake North has treated me well during my four years of high school. I have met amazing staff that has helped me blossom into the person I wanted to be. They have helped me accomplish my goals, and they have inspired me to go after anything that I desire.

I have so many people that I want to thank. Señora Padgett- Krause was my first Spanish teacher, and she instilled in me that I was capable of learning Spanish, even if people did not think that I could. Señor Rocha was also a very large influence when I was connecting with my culture during high school. He encouraged me to display my heritage loud and proud, and he
was always incredibly supportive of my efforts to learn about myself. I am proud to say that I now have my seal of biliteracy in Spanish, which was a long-term goal that I set for myself during my freshman year.

I cannot begin to think about the influence that theater has had on me not only during high school, but throughout my entire childhood. Mr. Nielsen, Mrs. McConville, and Mrs. Schwartz have been amazing to me. They have given me countless opportunities and amazing lessons. I have cried with them, laughed with them, and although I was not as involved with theater or choir during my senior year of high school, I will always have a special appreciation for the atmosphere they created in Green Room and in choir. I took my final bow the day before I wrote this column, and I urge anyone who is interested in theater to join because I already miss being surrounded by all the amazing people I had the honor of being with.

I encourage everyone I talk to, especially underclassmen, to try new things. I was afraid and anxious when I walked into the dance room my junior year. I had not been in an official dance class for years and I did not know what to expect. Yet, I was met with smiling faces and amazing teammates. I found another safe place at North, and being on the dance team sprung a new confidence within me. I had four amazing coaches during my two years on the team, and they helped me grow far beyond what I thought I was capable of. CoachVojcak, Morgan, Naughton, and Crowley are amazing, strong, and powerful women. They inspire me every day, and I am so thankful that not only did they guide me like mentors, but they felt comfortable to be around like friends. I earned the sportsmanship award during my last season on varsity, and that achievement is something that I would never have thought I would receive when I attended my first practice during my junior year. Do not be afraid to throw yourself into an unknown area, because it might lead to amazing friendships and lessons in the end. Thank you to my lovely seniors, Itzel, Haley, Chloe and Sarah, that I had the privilege to dance alongside with.

As of right now, I am attending college for journalism. My time working on “The Knight Times” and GNHS-TV has been fairly
short. I have been in newspaper for two years and broadcast journalism for one, yet I have decided to pursue a career in journalism. This is thanks to Mrs. Smith and Mr. Lard. They are not only amazing teachers, but amazing people. Mrs. Smith is extremely kind and thoughtful. She has easily made journalism my favorite class of high school and has inspired me. The serotonin I receive from a compliment from Mrs. Smith is awesome. She put me on the editorial board after my first year in newspaper, and I want to thank her for believing in me. Mr. Lard’s class brought me to state for journalism, and I amso appreciative of all the support that he has given me. He is fully supportive of students’ interests to the point where he lets me post vlogs for a story (so swag).

As I look into my future, I’m scared. I can’t even lie. Change is scary and unfamiliar; however, I know that if I carry all the lessons and knowledge that I have gained from my time in high school, I will be okay. My pro-tips for anyone who cares are to try new things, be outgoing, and eat as many cafeteria cookies as possible. Thank you for this opportunity to speak my mind on topics I am passionate about. H.A.G.S!

Your favorite managing
editor, Lillie.