Column: Thinking about it

Thinking about balancing life


If my high school experience has featured one obstacle, it would be finding a balance. First semester, I was what seemed to be “on top” of it. I would finish my assignments with time to spare, and I would find the time to be a tennis manager, leader of multiple clubs, take a community college class, and work out.

It was a productive time in my life, but there was one constant, or lack of it: no sleep. I often stayed up until 2:00 a.m. doing my statistics and environmental science homework. I sacrificed my mental wellbeing in exchange for academic validation, and not realizing it, drained all the motivation I had in the first place to succeed this year.

And now that this semester has begun, I found myself with even more responsibilities than the first. Trying to maintain that perfect on task image was so taxing and currently is. It’s test after test, project after project, activity after activity, and it all just piles on, but I can’t afford to let down myself or the people around me. And now I am on the cusp of finishing this year off strong, proud of my accomplishments and work and yet so drained and stressed as a result of everything around me. It just seems like there is no end.

I have been trying to make a change. Time management is the key. Spending more time with friends, moving work to weekends to make sleep, allowing myself time to catch up has all helped me slowly recover from all the mental exhaustion that has been wearing me down from the start of the year.

If you are reading this, take this as a sign to take a day and prioritize yourself. You and your mental well being come first and foremost, and always prioritize that before any form of validation or achievement.