Column: Notable Natalie

Note: I got hacked


My hatred towards cryptocurrency has increased since Sunday, February 6 at 4:35 p.m. At the time at which I am writing this, I am still hacked by a crypto trading bro, who is actually just a bot pretending to be this random man with two kids. This bot ended up posting both on my Instagram story and on my grid asking people to trade with him.

This hacking is not the regular type where you would have someone posting about half off RayBans and you would eventually be able to log back in five seconds later, which I will admit I have fallen victim to twice. I did not click on any links; do not victim blame me.

I don’t know how it happened to me. I just know that I’ve spent most of my Sunday night and Monday trying to figure out how to get my account back. During this time, I have had practically the whole school and everyone I’ve ever spoken to ask me if I know I had been hacked. I would like to state that, yes, I do know. If I hadn’t known for three days that I had been hacked I might have bigger problems than the hacking itself. I might have been lacking a brain.

Through this hacking, I have gained 70 followers. Most of them are fake, but I’m not complaining. This whole situation has made me completely aware of my hatred for Instagram and how it runs, and has established how annoyed I am when people start assuming the worst about me, a crypto-trader that uses the kissy face and puppy dog eyes emojis. I would like to establish that I am 100 percent against all of these things.

In the end, I will have to face my fear of contacting Instagram support and spending probably three more days waiting for them to contact me back. If there’s one thing I do know is that once I get my account back, I will return to being an insufferable person that you don’t want to see on your timeline.

Mark Zuckerberg if you’re reading this please contact me (not through Instagram). Once again I would like to establish I do not have access to my account.