Prom Preparations

As the spring season approaches, events such as prom start to undergo their preparation process. Prom preparations begin as soon as signs of spring start to show.

The preparation for prom is a very technical, high-maintenance process. The preparation is a very hands-on process; however, many of the obligations on the list have already been crossed off. Activities director Keeley Naughton talks about the location, price, and events at prom.

“Prime locations change kind of year to year; they’re in different locations. This year, it is on Saturday, May 6, and it’s at a Vontae Banquet, in fact, River Grove. Prom is an upscale larger homecoming. It’s a lot more formal. We usually have some sort of dinner, appetizers. There’s always a DJ, but usually, it is a little bit fancier,” Naughton said.

As for every dance, tickets to attend are on everyone’s mind, from saving up money to buy them to deciding the price itself. Since prom is at a different location, the price for each ticket increases.

“It’s not hosted at the school, so students get on fancy buses to go there. So it’s a lot more formal. Prom tickets this year are going to be $105. They’re very expensive,” Naughton said.

As ticket prices are crossed off their to-do list, the theme for prom starts to come up in the committee’s discussions. The theme for prom is a very crucial aspect of this process. With ideas laid on the table of discussion, Student Council president Jessica Bennett talks about the process of themes and the projects the Student Council accomplishes for prom.

“We take student responses. So if a student wants to submit a theme, they can come to a prom meeting,” said senior Jessica Bennett.

“The Student Council helps the prom committee figure out themes and budget, also help to sell tickets, and obviously start the form to sell tickets,” Bennett said.

As all the pieces fall into play, the prom atmosphere comes to light among the students as to whether the dance is more circled around dates or a dance to hangout with friends as well as resolving any questions about the dance.

“The dance is for juniors and seniors, unless you find a date. Prom is probably more date related than a dance where you just go to hang out with friends,” Bennett said.

“Tickets and forms are not out yet. There are prom meetings happening; however, if you want more specific information about tickets, pricing, registration, those types of things, students can contact the prom sponsors, so Miss Garza, Jenny Garza in the athletic office, or Liz Iverson, the math teacher,” Naughton said.