Green Room Company prepares for the Fall Play


Ava Salas

Gustavo Calhoun and Graham Gatewood practice a scene for the fall play.

The fall play is on November 10th, 2022. The play selected this year is “Rumors,” a comedy taking place in New York City during the 1990s. Characters Ken and Chris Gorman celebrate their new marriage, but when tragedy strikes, the guests have to figure out what to do next. 

The Green Room Company has produced many iconic and highly respected shows from “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” to “The Hunchback of Notre Dame;” however, the directors and actors believe that “Rumors” is especially special.

The fall play will be held in the Black Box on November 10-12. Director Clare McConville highly respects the accomplishments and dedication of the cast as well as the belief that the cast and the play “Rumors” blend together perfectly.

“I’ve been looking at this one for a while, so I felt like we just finally had the right people and the right relationships in order to, you know, pull the comedy and make it a really funny show,” McConville said. “My favorite part is the voice abilities, the ability for the students to grasp the writing. The writing is super smart. Sometimes we don’t get the joke until after we’ve done the scene a couple times. Then we’re like, ‘oh my gosh that’s so funny’! Part of the joy of that creation is when people finally get it and that lightbulb moment kind of happens for all of us and we’re like, ‘that’s so funny’!”.

The cast members have recognized the successful attributes that they need to produce a show that they are proud of. Many cast members feel very content with the way things are going at this moment. Cast member Wendy Keane believes that the play was a perfect choice for the cast as a whole.

 “This play is very light-hearted and funny, also engaging and the perfect length. I think the cast has great line deliveries which really makes all of the comedic lines that much better. It definitely is not the kind of play that is hard to sit through,” said cast member and crew head of hair and makeup Wendy Keane.

The crew and cast have been working very hard to prepare the stage and accurately project the set of “Rumors” they desire. They have made an entire set full of doors, stairs, walls, and many other pieces that require patience, skill and time to complete. Cast member River Finan describes the respect he has for his peers and how proud he is of the effort put into the play as a whole.

“There’s a very talented team of people that are behind all of the building and the preparation for the show. They just go on the site, and they put on their goggles and they just go to work. It’s extremely impressive, and I’ve never been to a show with such complex and talented people,” Finan said.

“I’m very excited. I think that we’ve put in a lot of hard work and the site was very difficult to build, and I think that everyone is excited to put on the show that they’ve worked very hard for,”

Actors for the play take this time of preparation to accurately project and find their character. Many cast members enjoy their parts as it is very different from their personalities outside of the theater. Many of the cast members enjoy the opportunity to be a different person on the stage.  

“I play a girl named Cassie Cooper. I would say she is relatively unlike me, which makes her even more fun to play. I get angry for almost my entire time on stage, and I think it is really fun to play around with emotions like that,” Keane said. “Cassie is a very insecure and possessive person at a first glance, which is something I don’t relate to that deeply. I do think she is slightly misunderstood and that most of her actions on stage are due to a deeper reason, but based on her first impression, I would not say she and I are all that similar,”

The members of the Green Room Company feel very proud of the work that was put into the play as well as showing off all the hard work, practice and time that they have put into the play.

“I think that students have done an amazing job. We have a relatively small cast, and they have just been really on top of everything. They’ve been dedicated to making it funny because it’s a comedy we want to make sure that comes across to the audience. They’ve been accepting different characters out of their age range and probably out of their experience range. They don’t know what it’s like to be a lawyer. Their people have a ton of money. They’re from New York. There’s all these different factors that play in, and they’ve been doing a really great job at creating backgrounds for looser characters. They’re married couples, and they kind of have a lot of fun as well doing all the creation,” McConnville said.

“I’m looking forward to getting on stage and having that feeling of adrenaline but in a good way and having everybody watching me and waiting to see what I prepared for,” Finan said.