Students make plans for the summer


The weather may still feel like winter, but the summer season is just around the corner. The town of Grayslake has many exciting activities this summer for people to pursue and explore.

Grayslake Summer Days is a tradition that has been held for over 125 years. Each year has been amazing with different events. Last year, they included jugglers, unicyclists, stilt walkers, a fire breather, marching bands, Sam the Wheeler on his giant wheel, McCrae Farm French Classical Dressage, the Crystal Lake Strikers drumline, local marching bands, classic cars, and a lot more. The summer event lasts from August 19 to 20, going until midnight both days. Mike Steiner, a leader for the Grayslake Chamber, shared information on what will be happening at Grayslake Days.

“This year’s festival will include musical entertainment, family-friendly activities and a parade packed with some exciting acts, including a fire breather, unicyclists, jugglers, and stilt walkers. The people will also experience Lake County’s agricultural and horticultural heritage alongside modern attractions such as motorsports, funnel cakes, beer gardens, and carnival rides,” Steiner said.

Park districts are another option that may be fun to explore this summer. Kids can experience going to summer camps and meeting new friends. If teenagers are looking for jobs, the park district is still hiring. Brian Walsh, a director at Grayslake Park District, explains what to expect with the park district.

“Grayslake Middle School runs team and sport camps weekly. Counselors get the kids involved as much as possible. They go to the pool on Mondays and Wednesdays and ride bikes in Central Park. They get outside as much as possible when the days are nice,” Walsh said.

High school students are always on the run. Their time is limited in what they do. Seniors this year have been preparing for college and life after high school. Juniors and seniors talk about what it is like to work as camp counselors and what they’re excited about in terms of Grayslake Days.
“I’ll just basically just work and hangout with friends. I would rather go to the beach and chill. But I’m honestly excited to go to Summer Smash and Serbia for summer vacation,” said senior Angelina Ristic.

“I normally go to Grayslake Days to catch up with my friends from Grayslake Central, eat a bunch of food, and go on some rides. I’m also attending Lollapalooza this summer,” said junior Colby Rudo.
Other students will be working in town.

“I’ll be working as a park district summer camp counselor where I’ll be in a day camp with kids K-8. We’ll be doing activities like going to the pool, the playground, and hanging out. I found out about this because I used to go to the summer camps as a kid and I looked into it in February,” said junior Chi Denig.