Girls basketball gets a back-to-back win against Westlake Christian Academy

The varsity girls basketball team continues their win streak 54-34 in a landslide victory against Westlake Christian Academy. Following this game, the Knights have a 2-3 record, putting them in fourth place in the NLCC. The team came out hot from the jump, hitting shots and getting many steals. This was the Knights’ second home game, and many fans from the boys basketball team came to show their support.

“We know our strengths and weaknesses. Though we have new players, the energy is still there, and we’re gonna go out and fight for a win no matter who we face,” Kukis said. 

The first half had many series of events, having Westlake showed that they weren’t going down without a fight. Buckets were exchanged back and forth, which led to Grayslake’s lead up to eight by halftime. North’s game plan left off right where they started. Junior Peyton Gerdes was everywhere on the floor, from getting rebounds to hitting three-pointers. Junior Guard Reagan Kuzynowski made her presence known, attacking all game in transition and knocking down shots. 

“I think the help of AAU and it’s style has really helped me with my game and how much I bring to the team. I know I can score and I’m overall happy with today’s win,” Kuzynowski said.

Within the first three minutes of the second half, Grayslake took the driver’s seat and never looked back. It was Peyton Gerdes’ night, and everyone knew it. The Division 1 prospect showcased her ability through her outstanding rebounds and crafty maneuvering moves. Her baseline up and under move dazzled the crowd with excitement.

“As a leader on this team, I have to step up and show it every game, taking it one game at a time and showing others how I play. I’m happy my teammates were more involved and that we won,”  Gerdes said. 

Junior guard Dani Hanson was matching everyone with her exceptional defense and senior Kayla Keaskowski was making plays and pushing the ball effectively up the court. Sophomore Jeana Roscoe was also knocking down shots and contributing to the Knights.