Freshmen experience North for the first time

As many freshmen are entering the school building for the first time in hybrid mode, many do not know where to go since it is their first time in the building and they do not know where their classes are located. Now, all groups, A, B, and C, are adjusting to the new changes of the schedule. 

Freshman Nayeli Gutierrez got a weird feeling being at school for the first time, but she was excited to see her friends and make some new ones as well. 

“I feel happy and calm because the school makes me feel welcomed, and the teachers get to have fun with their students and get to talk to friends there,” Gutierrez said. 

Freshmen got to experience being in the building for the first time in a different way. Due to the pandemic, classes were held remotely in the beginning of the school year, but now students are entering the building in the new hybrid schedule. 

“Being in person makes it easier when it comes to class work. It’s fun, people are funny and are happy,” Gutierrez said. 

Teachers get to help their students in person, but there is also help for remote students. Live synchronous support sessions are held during the afternoon on Zoom. These are for any students – hybrid or remote – to get extra help from their teachers with assignments. Students who have a grade of 73 percent or lower have to attend the afternoon Zooms to get caught up with work. 

The Link Crew was around for the first days to help freshmen who did not know where to go and guide them to their classes. 

“They really help freshmen by teaching students where the classes are and how to get there,” Gutierrez said.

Freshman students have been able to get to know their classmates and teachers more now that they have been inside the building. This school year has been different for freshmen. Since they did not get the full freshman year experience, they still tried to enjoy school during remote learning.

“I do wish it was different. I wish I could’ve been to school in person to make learning easier and maybe tried to make some new friends,” freshmen Gia Moncivaiz said. 

The teachers try to make the freshmen experience as fun as they can for their students by helping them out a lot during classes and giving them a lot of resources for them to use for the class. 

This year I enjoyed trying to learn stuff in a new way that I have never before. A helpful resource this year was the afternoon sessions they had because I could ask for help when I needed them,” said freshmen Lisandra Gallegos. 

Throughout the year, students had issues with remote learning, mostly getting used to the schedule and managing their time for their school work. 

Freshman year felt complicated as trying to balance in a new environment while being virtual,” said freshman Hannah Mutalonis. 

Still students are getting at least a bit of a freshman year experience and enjoying being in the building instead of staying at home, as well as being able to see their friends at school.