Review: “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”

“Scott Pilgrim vs the World,” a movie released on August 13, 2020, is set in freezing cold Toronto and based on the graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Its quick, funny, happy-sad spirit is so contagious that even if the landscape is at first glance unfamiliar, the movie makes you feel at home in some way.

The dull, mumbly realism in which director Edgar Wright portrays the city is offset by images and situations taken from arcade video games, subverted, enlivened, and thrown into wild do-it-yourself pop art release.

Scott is a 22-year-old bass guitarist who plays a Dance Dance Revolution game on a date and attempts to impress both his date and another girl with arcane lore on Pac-Man.

He is still in his post-adolescent years. Scott rehearses with his band, moons over some girls and ignores others, and hangs out with his roommate. He also avoids work for naps. He is regularly disturbed by enemies which are his girlfriend Ramona’s past partners.

On-screen, their powers and his are tallied up, and he has to navigate a complicated structure of points, levels, and lives that any joystick jockey can easily identify.

“Scott Pilgrim vs The World” is one of the best movie adaptations of books.