Review: BTS “BE” Album

The Grammy nominated K-pop group BTS has made a comeback with their new album “BE.”

I listened to all the songs in the album when it came out and loved them. I also watched the global press conference before BTS released the album and learned a few things about the album. During the global press conference, they mentioned how every member worked on managing the album. The leader of BTS, RM, was made the music director. The two oldest of the group, Jin and Suga, were in charge of the album jacket (photobook that comes with the CD). The lead rapper/main dancer J-Hope was put in charge of the choreography. The lead vocalist/main dancer Jimin was in charge of project manager for the music. Vocalist V was made the visual director, and lastly the main vocalist/center of the group, Jungkook, was made the director for their “Life Goes On” music video.

They have also broken new records with this new album, managing to sell more than 1,900,000 copies on the first day it was released. They have recently made videos that are on their YouTube channel BANGTANTV where each of the members go over/review their album to show ARMY (fans) what is inside, like the photobook, CD, and photocard.

I absolutely loved the album. I do not have the actual album, but I have listened to the full thing and seen many reviews on what the album has, and it is wonderful. My favorite songs on the album are “Stay” and “Dis-Ease.” I am always listening to the album at home. In all honesty, this album is really good, and BTS has done an amazing job with working on it altogether. The outcome and response from fans has been positive. BTS is still achieving a lot all thanks to ARMY. Overall, I give BTS “BE” a 10 out of 10.