Staff, students wrap up first semester


Brenda Smith

Mrs. Smith’s third hour Junior English class meets on Zoom to discuss their next assignment.

As winter break approaches, students are getting in all of their late assignments to get their grades up before the end of the semester. With the influx of assignments, teachers are struggling to grade everything on time

“It’s good to always turn them in on time. It’s just less stressful for you as a student,” said social studies teacher Scott Ewen.

Many students are just trying to get everything in on time, and it’s stressful for both students and teachers as they try to get everything turned in and graded. 

“I think it is important to turn in assignments because it really does sort of have an effect on your grades, and if you don’t do them, it makes your understanding of what you’re learning harder,” said freshman Giavanna Moncivaiz. 

Grades are being affected a lot by not turning in assignments when they are due, and students are trying their best to get everything in. 

“When they are due is always best. I’m a procrastinator, so I understand the last minute. You know why students are working last minute and turning in last minute. Having it done ahead of time is really important, so I understand the struggle in managing your own time rather than having adults constantly reminding you. I think you do the best that you can,” said English teacher Ashley Kopecky.

Now most teachers accept late work, but there are some that don’t accept late work anymore. So, students’ grades are either hurting or not. Deadlines are especially important during the end of the semester. Teachers are giving deadlines for students to know how many days they have to turn in assignments that are late, and after that deadline, they won’t be accepting any more late assignments. 

“You should have some limitations on it, but at the same time, if a student changes their habit halfway through the semester, I want them to be rewarded. So, I definitely want to accept late work, but there is some kind of limitation I guess to it. I don’t really have any, but there could be,” Ewen said. 

Some students are actually having some trouble doing their assignments and getting them turned in because of external issues

“Yeah sometimes with the Chromebook not working or Wi-Fi or family issues right now and just staying at home makes it harder to want to sit down and just get back to work and focus,” Moncivaiz said. 

There is about a week left before winter break, so students’ grades should be changing, either going down or up, and teachers are still updating grades while trying to teach their class the unit they’re in. 

“I think it could be a struggle to remind students or have them constantly think about the work they are going to turn in especially when you guys have six to seven classes to focus on. You have three major things due for different classes in the same week. You know the constant reminders can be difficult because we are thinking in our teacher minds, and we have our own classes, and I think it’s easy to forget that you guys have seven classes that you’re working through,” Kopecky said. 

Winter break is coming soon, so students won’t start the second semester with late work, so teachers suggest to get assignments turned in when they are due and don’t struggle with late assignments.