Review: Among Us

Among Us was released more than two years ago, but the online jellybean/astronaut game is currently seeing a huge popularity surge that started in early September.

The essence of Among Us is straightforward. It is a game where either a crewmate or the lone imposter is a player. While stealthily eliminating each crewmate one by one, the imposter must pretend to do the assigned daily tasks in the game. When a body is found, an emergency meeting may be called by a crewmate to have a group conversation trying to find out who the imposter really is.

With a clever and original execution, Among Us raises thoughts that you might have seen before. This makes the gameplay around each elimination sufficiently engaging so that you don’t just flutter your thumbs waiting to vote off someone. The busywork of space ship repair has some of the excellent, sci-fi, cooperative charm of SpaceTeam.

Opening your map to find the next task and finding out the mini-game trying to complete it can take so much of your attention that you probably wouldn’t even notice an imposter creeping up behind you, a diversion that seems very deliberate.

Meanwhile, in order to carry out their dark deeds, imposters have more than enough resources. You should take the time, as with any other stealth game, to learn the rooms and hallways of each map, so you can navigate the area skillfully and take out vulnerable imposters. The greatest hint, and the group’s first question after a death, is almost always “Where did it happen?” So it would be essential to have a good location-based excuse ready.

Imposters also have other perks. In order to pressure crew members to waste time, you can sabotage machinery, pretend to do fake tasks, and escape in or hide through vents so that they do not get seen beside a victim.

The game supports online or local, so everyone can play together no matter what they play it on. The matches take place on three different maps each having a different theme. The games usually take less than 15 minutes. With so many people playing the game, it is relatively easy to find a game and join.

Among Us is still doing pretty well after it gained popularity. Most of these types of games tend to die out after a month or so.