Residents encouraged to vote

Lake County residents, as well as all American citizens, currently have the opportunity to place their vote for their desired presidential candidate until November third.

Illinois residents are able to vote in person in a booth on Election Day, which is November 3rd, at their assigned precinct voting location. They also have the option of early voting in-person, from October 19th until Sunday, November 1st. Another method of voting is by mail, and this can be done by requesting a ballot and mailing it out before Election Day. They could also drop their ballot off at an official drop box inside early voting locations or in outdoor drop boxes. 

If one has not registered to vote yet, registration can be done online through local government and town websites, or it can also be accomplished by mail. Regular voter registration ends twenty-seven days before an election. An individual is also able to register in person at an early voting site, and if one chooses to do so, they must be prepared to vote as well. It is recommended that people bring two valid IDs, as well as know their social security number. If a person was born out of the country, they must know their naturalization date and location. 

“If you are eligible to vote, you should. Everyone’s voice needs to be heard for a true democracy to function. When only the extreme fringe groups show up to vote, we get extreme politicians in office. That’s why it’s so important that we all make our voices heard,” said Cynthia Karabush, school librarian. 

To find local voting locations, people are able to visit local government websites, such as the website or the Lake County Clerk official website, which tells all the voting sites near the person. One can also find their local polling place on their voter registration card. There are many online resources available to citizens that give information on the voting process.

“I would encourage you to vote because this is how you get a chance to make sure that those who are in power, and those are writing legislation, know that we care and we want legislation that impacts us,” said Erin Wise, a government teacher. If people do not vote, they are not exercising their rights and getting equal representation as the people who are voting in America’s democracy. 

One way citizens under eighteen could be involved in elections is by volunteering to be an election judge. An election judge is a civically minded person who runs the local polling locations and makes sure voting on election day goes smoothly. They must meet certain requirements, as well as undergo training, to be given this duty. 

“For anyone who is interested, get your name to us so that you’re put on our list, and when we start the process, you are already on our list and we will reach out to you,” said Robin O’Conner, Lake County Clerk, on election judging information for students. 

When voting in person, voters are strongly advised to bring their own pen and proper safety necessities, such as masks and hand sanitizer, due to COVID-19 precautions. Lake County officials have been working hard to ensure the safety of the citizens voting, added new voting sites and have added hours to early voting times. This information can be found through the Lake County Clerk official website.