Link Crew welcomes freshmen with Freshmen Orientation


Eliza Marino

Link Crew members welcomed the freshmen before school started with a car parade.

Link Crew helps out new freshmen, making them feel a part of the Grayslake North High School family at freshman orientation. 

Grayslake North held a freshmen orientation August 17, but because there was a pandemic going on, Link Crew had to make a new plan for this year’s orientation.

“This year the leaders went to every freshman’s house and left notes on the sidewalk by chalk, and then this year’s freshmen were invited to a welcome parade. They were able to meet teachers, get a swag bag and put their hand print on ceiling tiles,” said Link Crew sponsor Keeley Naughton.

Even though this year orientation was different, the Link Crew members and leaders had fun planning it.

“This year planning for orientation started in April and May and was worked throughout the summer. We got to meet up with Link Crew members and come up with fun activities for orientation,” Naughton said.

Many new freshmen went to orientation and were able to get their North swag bag and put their handprint on the ceiling tile, a Grayslake North High School tradition for every class year. 

“It was fun because many seniors and teachers made it feel welcoming,” said freshmen Nayeli Gutierrez.

The Link Crew help out freshmen on their start at North and help them feel part of the school, and this started with orientation.

“Link Crew helps make connections with freshmen and upperclass. The upperclass act as mentors,” Naughton said. 

Being welcomed in the school is something really important; there are many ways to connect and make students feel part of the school.

“For freshmen, we want the students to connect with the school through clubs, activities, and sports.  We want them to feel cared for and want them to feel part of the school and community,” Naughton said. North helps make sure everyone at school feels connected, even through these hard times.

“It was fun because many seniors and older students made it feel welcoming,” Gutierrez said.