Seniors submit acceptance to college on National Decision Day

May 1 was National Decision Day, the day that seniors make their final college decision. On this day, they submit their acceptance and deposit to the college that they chose. Although due to the coronavirus pandemic, many universities have pushed back their decision day to June 1. 

“I am attending Pace University in New York City, and our school decision day got moved to June 15. I think it was a necessary switch because a lot of students are worried about classes getting moved to online, and if that happens many students aren’t going to want to attend for the first year,” said senior Natasha Davila. 

A majority of universities have not made any decisions to fully make all classes online, but many students are concerned that may be the case. Many students can agree that taking online classes are less effective and not worth the money than going to classes in person.

“If classes get moved to online, I’m deferring a year because I think it’s a waste of money to pay all that money for a whole year only for online classes,” Davila said.

With universities at risk of losing tuition dollars, there may be less scholarships and grants available for students that depend on them. 

“I’m not too worried about losing any financial aid, but I do know that there is less scholarship money to go around, so if I were to apply for more scholarships I would be concerned,” Davila said. 

After many surveys, “USA Today” confirms that many students are rethinking college due to the pandemic.

“‘Forty percent of prospective students had yet to submit a deposit to any college. That’s significantly larger than expected at this time of year,’ said Craig Goebel, a principal with the Art and Science Group, a higher education consulting firm, which surveyed 1,171 students. Plus, about 12% of those who had put down a deposit, telling colleges ‘yes,’ had said they had since changed their mind about attending a four-year college.”