Students begin taking AP tests online

AP exams are still in session for the end of the school year as e-learning continues. Some students have already taken their exams, while others continue to study from home in preparation. 

 “I took the AP Calculus BC test this year. My teachers were really helpful in sending out review material for them, and I also used previous tests and Khan Academy to study. I felt prepared enough to pass, but I definitely feel like if we were in school studying, I could have done better.” said senior Kate Farrell.

Many students are taking more than one AP test from home, which adds to the pressure of studying by themselves.

“I’m taking Ap US History and Ap Spanish Language & Culture. I personally feel more stressed and anxious about testing this year because I’m missing out on the opportunity to receive in-class review time. It’s hard to feel prepared knowing that this is the first time our teachers are experiencing anything like this as well, so they don’t know what to expect either.” said junior Loveliana Diaz.

Due to e-learning and the outbreak of the pandemic, AP tests have been altered by the College Board. Exams now have drastically shortened time and questions have been rearranged or wiped completely depending on the class. 

“This year I am taking AP Psychology and AP US history. I’m really stressed about testing this year since the time is so limited for them. I also don’t feel as prepared as usual since I haven’t been reviewing in school, and it’s been all on my own.” said junior Olivia Agalianos.

The topic of keeping AP testing running during the pandemic has been controversial, as students explain that they don’t feel they have the same opportunities to pass as they would in place at school.

“I personally don’t feel like these tests are testing our complete knowledge and that adds to the stress of feeling like you have to teach yourself everything again just in case,” Diaz said.