Students see changes to their daily routine at work

With the spread of COVID-19, many workers have lost their jobs as unemployment sweeps the nation. Many workers have also had to pick up new jobs to be able to provide for their families during the pandemic, and every worker in some way has seen a change in their daily routines at work.

Students from Grayslake North who have jobs themselves have seen these changes first-hand.

  I work at Aeropostale in Gurnee. I am EL specialist, meaning I can manage the floor when there are customers in the store and have the managers in the back. I have been working there for two years, and when we started hearing about COVID-19, we took precautions into the store. We had hand sanitizers on us and also had to wipe down the fitting rooms every time someone was in there to keep everyone safe. We also made sure to not get too close to people, and also some workers actually wore gloves,” said senior Anabelle Beagles. 

Smaller businesses and stores have taken precautions as well.

“I work at Autumn Leaves and have been for about six months. My work schedule has remained sort of the same, except I added a new shift in the morning since I don’t have school anymore. I walk dogs, so I don’t enter the building anymore. The dogs are brought to the door on their leashes. I take them on a walk and then I drop them back off at the door,” said senior Chloe Berna. 

Students who have been working also have faced their stores being shut down after precautions were taken as well. 

“My last day working before we went into quarantine was March 7. Honestly, I was so scared because I was like I’ll have no job? What about my bills I have to pay? During the change, my managers kept in contact with us at all times and told us that corporate wanted us to file for unemployment. This was very difficult because everyone was filing for unemployment to still get paid. We called every day, and it would just hang up. Then finally two weeks ago we got through, and I filed for unemployment. Then a few days ago I finally got paid depending on my paperwork,” Beagles said.

Changes are sure to come to the workplace after the pandemic ends, but the Grayslake North community has stayed supporting each other through these tough times.