Review: “The Society”

Almost a year ago, Netflix released its hit show “The Society”, a teen drama mystery where teenagers are forced to create their own society and government. 

Created by Chris Keyser, the show follows a group of high school teens going on a field trip. The trip was supposed to last ten days, but the busses mysteriously turned back and dropped the kids back off at school in the middle of the night and drove off. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out their town is completely abandoned and it’s just them. 

Upon further investigation, they find out there is no way out of the town. They are trapped in by miles and miles of woods. So for the community’s best interest, people start taking charge on what to do. They have government, jobs and rationed food. As time goes on, they face problems that all the teens have to solve together so that order can be restored to the community. 

“The Society” features many talented and well known actors like Kathryn Newton from “Supernatural” and Sean Berdy from “Switched at Birth”. All the actors play roles so complex and diverse that makes the show come together really well. So talented, in fact, their roles are completely different from their real self. It does a good job at showing that every teenager has their own unique qualities and interests which can either be really good in situations of the show, or start conflict. There is a perfect balance of personality. 

Along with it’s characters, “The Society” also brings the audience to never want to stop watching. Each episode the teenagers face new problems like conflicts in everyday life and other scenarios people may not think about when trying to run a town. Characters were faced with the toughest decisions that they would otherwise not make if adults were still around. “The Society” may give it’s selected audience of teenagers a new outlook on life, such as what they should be grateful for and learn what it takes to be a leader. 

There is currently one season of the show with ten episodes each spanning an hour long. Season two is currently in production and has a lot of new things to cover as the last episode ended on a cliffhanger. The show has also received high ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, who gave it an 86 percent and IMDb rated it a seven.