Social distancing protects against the spread of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everybody is encouraged to social distance themselves to limit the spread of the virus. 

“Social distancing is important to me to protect myself, my family, and my community.  Researchers are still unsure, learning every day new things about COVID-19. Staying away from others helps the virus particles not land on you, or breathing them in if someone coughs, sneezes, etc,” said health teacher Melissa Smith. 

Although social distancing yourself is important, it can be very difficult to pause one’slife and be in quarantine.. 

“I feel like everybody’s mental health is suffering because they are being kept from going outside and seeing their family and friends. I feel very distant, but at the same time more connected to people because I have the time to text more people. My mental health has plummeted; being stuck inside every day sucks. I’m surprisingly missing school. Weirdly, I have been more active because I’ve felt motivated to go outside more and go on walks. At the same time though, I feel unmotivated to do my online classes. After talking to many people, I think that everybody just feels very lazy and unmotivated,” said senior Natasha Davila“I think that people are going to be more grateful for everything that they were able to do every day and for what they took for granted after the quarantine is lifted.” 

The social distancing rules have affected everybody one way or another, and although it can be tough, there are many ways to keep active. 

“To some degree, quarantine has been a good thing, but in many ways, it is tiring and boring. Nonetheless, it is important to stay quarantined. Personally, I encourage going outside when it’s nice, going in the sun, getting into new hobbies, etc. Try to make it as normal as possible. Try to do what you would normally do on a day off or something in your normal routine, but of course, meet the guidelines that we were given,” Davila said. 

The stresses of quarantine can be difficult, but for many people it can be seen as a much needed break from their everyday life. It can also be a great way to enjoy time with family and reconnect.

“Social distancing, I feel, can have some positives.  Definitely my busy life of homework, activities, sports, all weekend having events has been stopped.  It has allowed us to focus on what is really important. Is that trip to the grocery store really worth picking up something that can harm my family or can I scrape by with what is in the house for another few days to a week.  We are able to go back to eating family dinners, which is nice. We are able to take walks and enjoy the sunshine, the weather, or flowers starting to bloom,” Smith said.