Changes positively affect environment

In these confusing times, it can be difficult to find positive news along all of the headlines of the pandemic. While devastating and extremely scary, there can be a silver lining found in the pandemic of COVID-19. 

To find positive news, a fact check will always be recommended as to not spread false information across social media. One example of a positive outlook on the pandemic is how the environment has been impacted in the midst of it. 

With production effectively shut down worldwide, demand for fossil fuels has plummeted,” said environmental science teacher Joseph Rogalski.  

Fossil fuels play a huge role in the production of pollution worldwide. With demand falling for them, environmental changes are starting to occur slowly but surely. 

CNN states that “Satellite images released by NASA and the European Space Agency reveal that air pollution over China has gone down since the coronavirus outbreak.” 

Wuhan, where the outbreak began, had the most visible drop in pollution as human activity that creates pollution has come to a halt because of quarantine. Italy, another country struck with one of the highest viral rates, has seen changes as well.

Vietnam Times. Org states, ”thanks to less traffic on waterways, the dreaming canal of Venice ‘just hits its reset button’, becoming less murky, much clearer, with small fish visible swimming around. The surrounding area also enjoys a much-more purified air.” 

Technology has also been put to the test in ways that have never been done so before on a global scale. As we learn how useful technology can truly be in the daily lives of people, positive change will come in its light.

“I see long-distance travel being reduced, as people realize that teleconferencing can be effective. This will save companies money, and less airplanes in the air would be great for the environment,” Rogalski said.

Change is sure to be brought on after the worst of COVID-19. While change may sound intimidating, it isn’t initially negative. 

“I agree that things will never be the same. Humans are molded by their environment, and this is a significant environmental lesson. As individuals, it will be important for all of us to reflect on how this is altering our world view to check any negative feelings or opinions moving forward,” Rogalski said.